Healing Sound Waves

Ahoi. We are experiencing amazing and challenging times. Each critical challenge brings the seed of opportunity along. Walking our life path each at own pace and with the tools available, there is always potential growth within.

I started my journey into music as a little girl, always singing along but never got proficient in “the traditional form”. I discovered the strong power of the voice and what it did to myself, elevating to bright spheres I can only compare to line beyond life. Then – as we are well aware – nothing is a coincidence, I came across to a couple of experienced “Sound Healers” helping to navigate this new or amazing world of sound.

I can tell, it is not a mere believe but fully TRUST in the marvelous curing benefits of the voice and sound. This is one powerful way to bring back our bodies into balance. Undoubtedly, you may imagine our cells being in constant regeneration in a beautiful harmonious dance within themselves and with the surrounding.

Surfing Sound Waves ?

  • Sound Journeys
  • Specific Body Scan & Chakras Harmonisation

Sound Journeys

Bath into an exciting experience navigating sound waves, explore its magic and let yourself immerse in the amazing travel to your inner wisdom.

The session duration can be up to 90 minutes depending on group size, and the cost EUR 25 pp.

It can be done at location or at SISU. Check the addresses under Contact.

Specific Body Scans & Chakras Harmonisation

For specific issues a energetic body scan can be done, here we explore the person’ s aura by tuning in with the bio-magnetic fields. Each bio- magnetic field can tell a lot of a persons aura or vital energy. To complement the scanning of the body a harmonization of chakras can be done to de-block eventually any particular area of the subtle bodies.

One to one sessions are usually 60 min, but of course every one is different, this is an approximate duration. Cost EUR 40 pp.