Building bridges with words, with sound, with light.


Water, the source of life. Helping to maintain a nature equilibrium are these tiny creatures I have always been amazed by. The mayfly represents being truth to a life plan fulfillment and by that also a deep symbolic meaning. Eager in their task, purifying water and living life at its fullest. Own interpretation of an intense life, nothing exotic nor adventurous, more the completion of a soul task.

Mayflies are about living the best you can each day but foremost being the best you can. Overcoming fears and daring jumping sometimes to the unknown. Amazed by nature and its wisdom.


Sound Healing

Yoga Relaxation

Word Wizard

Art & Color

Life journey postcards

Fly away with me

As a stewardess – loved to cross the sky with a smile. New places, new people, gathering all colors of the world.

Numbers & Figures

Quite some years passed suppressing the creativity within by just adapting to the status quo. Methodical plans and rational structures became a huge part of my career path.

While I am grateful for these successful experiences, I believe the time is now, and listen attentively to our inner voice. The answers are always within.