Ritmo Corporal

Blessed Earthly Vehicle. Learning to love our bodies is the greatest path towards self acceptance. Many times before fully embracing ourselves, we will need to trascend old patterns, archaic beliefs belonging to an obsolete paradigm. Our bodies are a beautiful gift we should nurture and care each day.

Shaking your body, follow the flow !

Body moves

  • Workshops at Location Latin & Caribbean Rhythms
  • Freestyle Dance Boot Camps for youth and children
  • Zumba Lessons

Calendar Zumba Lessons

Sporthal BorgloonJanuaryEvery monday at 21
Cost per lesson : EUR 8

Aligning with Nature

  • ILARGIA Nights
  • Solstice Rituals


A beautiful word from the Euskera language. Mystical and with unknown origin, the melodic sound of the words awakens lost memories perhaps or just dreams of far away green and beautiful fields.

During Full Moon events we will gather in togetherness to obtain the boundless benefits from our natural satellite. Full strength of the Mother Goddess that can help heal both masculine and feminine energies.

Ilargia Nights Events:

  • Friday 18 March – 18 til 21
  • Saturday 16 April – 19 til 21
  • Friday 12 August – 20 til 22
  • Saturday 10 September – 20 til 22
  • Sunday 9 October – 19 til 21

Solstice Rituals

Vernal Equinox – Sunday 20 March